Riadh Sidaoui: “Nadia Akacha or an economic personality in the Kasbah”

For the director of the Arab Center for Research and Political and Social Analysis (Caraps) of Geneva Riadh Sidaoui, Kaïs Saïed would appoint the Minister-Counselor, Director of the Office of the President of the Republic Nadia Akacha as Head of Government or he would choose an economic personality for this position. In a video posted on his Youtube channel, he also believes that the President of the Republic will soon announce the date of the early elections.
Commenting on the information circulating recently that Nadia Akacha would be the next head of government, Riadh Sidaoui believes that Kaïs Saïed has not forgotten “the betrayal of Hichem Mechichi. Hichem Mechichi is an unknown senior executive who became a minister of the interior and then head of government thanks to Kaïs Saïed, but he preferred to ally himself with the ennahdha movement, al-karama coalition and qalb tounes “.

Moreover, Riadh Sidaoui explains that the President of the Republic takes his time to choose a good head of government “because he knows full well that he has no room for error, especially since all eyes are on him. “. For him, appointing a woman to the post of head of government is a positive message to Tunisia’s economic partners, especially since it is a woman university student with a thesis in law. In addition, he regretted that the IMF prefers an economic personality at the head of the presidency of the government to carry out the reforms.

Returning to the September 18 protests against Kaïs Saïed, he believes that these protests were a failure and there was nothing popular about them. He indicates that Kaïs Saïed was able to strengthen his power in particular thanks to the new appointments he made at the Ministry of the Interior and at the level of the movement of governors and delegates “thus, he cut the grass under the feet of the Ennahdha movement. , which implanted its supporters in the apparatuses of the State during the last ten years ”.