Riadh Sidaoui: “The fall of Kabul is the result of an agreement with the USA”

The director of the Arab Center for Research and Political and Social Analysis (Caraps) in Geneva, Riadh Sidaoui, dissects the fall of the Afghan capital Kabul into the hands of the Taliban; and this, in a statement to leconomistemaghrebin.com.
Riadh Sidaoui says the Afghan national army has not reacted and has not even defended the capital; yet it has more than 300,000 soldiers. Because the Afghan army is made up of soldiers from the Afghan tribes whose loyalty to the tribe (Pashtuns) is stronger than that to the homeland. For this reason, several soldiers and officers preferred to join the ranks of the Taliban instead of defending the capital. As a reminder, the Taliban army has around 30,000 members.

The specialist considers that the fall of Kabul was foreseeable for a few weeks. For him, the United States does not leave a country by random decision. “Certainly, there is an agreement between the Taliban and the US administration,” he said. The specialist considers this to be a new alliance between the Taliban and the United States. The aim is to orient the Taliban against Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

What is happening does indeed show “American pragmatism”. “There are no such things as lifelong friendships and lifelong hostilities for Americans. Especially with the losses they incurred in the war in Afghanistan, namely over $ 1 trillion, “he says. Moreover, in this wake, he recalls the close relations between the United States and the Taliban who fought against the Soviet Union at one time.

In the line of sight, the former Soviet Union and its satellites
On the other hand, the Taliban want to communicate a different image to the international community. “Besides, the fall of Kabul was carried out with the least violence and without blood,” he points out. Wanting to communicate on the new image of the Taliban, the vice-president of the terrorist organization issued a statement announcing that the movement will take into consideration all human rights and women’s achievements.

“The new mission of the Taliban is to fight Russia and the countries of the former country of the Soviet Union.” For our expert, the deal would be access to power for the Taliban in return for confrontation with Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union.